It's Cat Day! Here Are Purrfect Accounts You Need To Follow Right Now!

It's Cat Day! Here Are Purrfect Accounts You Need To Follow Right Now!

Happy World Cat Day! Yes, one of the cutest days of the year is finally here. It's time to celebrate these aloof yet absolutely adorable creatures. They are fluffy, cuddly and make exceptionally photogenic pets. And so, in order to celebrate their awesomeness, we've picked out 10 of our favourite Instagram accounts that you need to follow right away!

1. Ed Sheeran's Fluffy Cats 


Bath time bubblez

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2. I Wish I Was That Stuffed Toy 

3. Cat Whiskers For Days!

4. What's Better Than One Cat? Two Cats!

5. Please Love Me


Kings can only take cat naps on King-sized beds. #morningsnooze

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6. It's Officially Fluff Heaven!


Wink to you 😽💘 . ストーリーに流したら、沢山の方から本編にUPして欲しいとリクエストがありました。ありがとうございます💞 ちょっと短いのですが…🤫 . にゃんこに見えない…なんでだろう😂 甘えん坊さんのイクラちゃんはいつも近くで身体の一部をくっ付けていて可愛い😍…のが、最近オトナになってしまったのか姿が見えない時間が増えた💧玄関でタラちゃんと靴になってる👞👟 . あ、暑いのね😅で、エアコンつけたらまたくっ付いて来てくれてます😆💘 . #animalsvideos #cuteness #catsofinstagram #bestmeow #meowbox #happycatclub #weeklyfluff #instagood #dailyfluff #instaanimal #cats_of_world #catloversclub #meowed #9gag #cat_features #instacat_meows #kittensofinstagram #instakitty

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7. You Have Two Reasons To Follow This Account 

8. Can I Have A Dose Of This Love?

9. Paw-Some Love

10. Two-Faced Cat For The Win!

It's time to bask in their cuteness!

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