Humse Na Ho Paega! This Woman's Rant On Offices Opening Up After WFH Is Relatable AF

Humse Na Ho Paega! This Woman's Rant On Offices Opening Up After WFH Is Relatable AF

So it's been almost a year since all of us started working from home. Feels surreal, right? In fact, at this point, it is hard to think that there used to be a time when we made it to the office for five whole days a week! Okay, forget even that. Just the fact that we actually got all ready and dressed up as early as 8 am on all those days feels like a distant dream. Did we actually do it? Most importantly, HOWWW? How on Earth did we drag our arse out of the blanket and into the (now-forgotten) denim and made it to work all these years? 

Seriously, the past year of working from home has changed my very core. I don't think that I have in me to go back to work once everything goes back to "normal." Sadly, for so many out there it's already happening. It was just last week that my brother received his "Return to office" email. And while he might have seemed okay with it, I really don't know what to do about the second-hand anxiety that I am getting from the thought. 

Can't comment on the "oh I miss office" crowd 'coz clearly, I am not one of them. And I guess it is the same with training professional, Harjas Sethi. She is going viral for her impassioned rant against all the "Back To Work" emails that the employees have started receiving now that the COVID-19 situation's a little in control and the vaccine is here. Here's why we are currently loving her viral video.

Karna Hi Kyun Hai? Harjas Sethi's Spot On Rant About Returning To Office After A Year Of WFH


Harjas's video is trending on social media because it is extremely relatable. She opens the rant by saying, "Kaafi dil dehlaane vali ghatna hui hai mere sath. Abhi tin pehle office se ek email aaya with the subject line – Return to work. Toh kya matlab hua iska? Matlab ab razai se nikalkar, nahakar, taiyaar hokar office jaana padega. Logon ki shakalein dekhni padengi.

"Meri ruh kaamp gayi hai (I am shaken to the very core)," she adds. In the video, she also talks about how she has gotten used to the "pajama life" and how it feels almost impossible to return to the work now. Honestly, we totally second it when she says "Karna hi kyun hai yeh ab (why do we even need to do it now?)." Here, watch the hilarious video that's being loved by working professionals all over the country right now:

We totally feel you Harjas because...ditto!!!

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