This Newlywed Couple Was Trolled For Their Intimate Photoshoot & We Don't Understand Why!

This Newlywed Couple Was Trolled For Their Intimate Photoshoot & We Don't Understand Why!

Like every couple getting married during the pandemic, newlyweds Rishi Karthikeyan and Lakshmi too weren't able to have a grand wedding celebration. The two tied the knot on 16th September and kept it an intimate affair with only their family and close friends in attendance. However, to make it memorable, they opted for a post-wedding photoshoot that happened to go viral on the internet. 

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The theme for the post-wedding shoot was boudoir and the couple draped themselves in white sheets in-keeping with the theme. They were photographed by a friend, Akhil Karthikeyan, at Vagamon in Kerela's Idukki district. 

After the couple posted some of the pictures on the internet, it received mixed reactions. While some users complimented the couple and the wedding pictures, many other criticised and trolled their actions.


The Couple Received A Mixed Bag of Reactions & Some Comments Were Downright Insensitive

In an interview with a popular Indian digital news platform, the groom, Rishi Karthikeyan, said that both he and his wife were clothed throughout the shoot. "It's impossible to go bare when shooting outdoors or in public places. Based on the photographer's camera skills and creativity, he took aesthetic shots of us," he elaborated. However, these pictures did not go well on social media. A few users went on moral policing the couple after.

Rishi's wife, Lakshmi, also voiced her thoughts on the situation. She said that she is somebody who often wears off shoulder clothes and shorts. Showing her legs or neck does not count as nudity.

The couple felt overwhelmed to respond to the negative comments and have decided to ignore the judgements. They also pointed out that the most flak they received was on Facebook whereas Instagram users were mainly positive.

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Lakshmi even mentioned that her neighbours and relatives called and complained to her parents about the pictures. What's unfortunate is that she was slut-shamed on the internet and her family was insulted as well.

She later had a conversation with her parents about this to clear the tension. Despite the trolls, mean comments and harassment that the couple is facing on social media, they chose not to respond or take legal action. On the contrary, they will wait for a day or two till things to fizzle out and go back to their normal life.

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