New Hair, Who This? Kareena Kapoor Just Coloured Her Tresses & She Looks Hella Gorgeous!

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If you're a true Kareena fan, then you know how fun it is to keep up with Kareena's ever-changing hair. From streaks and a sexy lob to sporting copper hair in the early 20s, she's done it all. And if you thought that after the arrival of her new baby she'll barely have time for herself, let alone change her hair, then you couldn't be more wrong.

Yesterday, Kareena had a 'me' day where she decided to change her hair look. From a stunning hair cut to the final reveal, she posted the entire new hair transformation process on her Instagram stories in true 'influencer style'. Let's have a look, shall we?

Kareena's Hair Transformation

First, she shared an Instagram story featuring her fave hairstylist, Yianni Tsapatori, where you could see him mixing different hair products and you know what that means- a new hair colour!


And guess what, we were right as in her next story, she posted an Insta poll with the questions, "What colour am I going to do guys?" The options were 'balayage' and 'blonde' as the two hair colour choices.


Of course, we voted for the blonde option as we know she would rock the hell out of that shade! But before revealing her final hair transformation, she also got a nice layered haircut. Check out the time-lapse video shared by Yianni below...

We cannot be the only ones who spotted footwear in the background. It looks like Kareena is getting her hair transformed at the best place possible- her walk-in closet!

PS: Are you guys ready to see the final result now?


Stunning, right? We love how natural and simple the colour looks. But Kareena, please next time choose blonde as we were really hoping to see you don a feisty new avatar!


PS: You can change your whole attitude by changing your hair colour and Kareena surely believes in it!

Featured Image: Instagram