Dream Job Calling: Get Paid To Travel, Try Out Spas & Test Bachelorette Party Venues

Dream Job Calling: Get Paid To Travel, Try Out Spas & Test Bachelorette Party Venues

Ever thought of having a dream job where all you need to do is travel across different cities, try out spas, clubs and hotels? Sounds unreal, right? A UK-based bachelorette party organiser called, GoHen, can transform all these dreams into a reality. How? and why? 'Coz they are looking for a 'Professional Hen Party Tester.' Yes, you read that right.

The Job Description

According to The Sun, the Job Description entails:

  • Willingness to travel across the globe
  • Ability to try out spas, clubs, hotels, activities (are you kidding me!)
  • Ability to create vlogs (video blogs) of your travel experience
  • Helping brides/bridesmaids throw fun parties before the nuptials
  • The potential candidates need not have a professional degree to apply (how cool is that!)
  • Candidate should have a proclivity for partying

The lucky applicant will travel to destinations across the European continent, including destinations that are popular with brides and bridesmaids such as Spain and Prague. The applicant will be required to test out experiences that can be further offered to other bridesmaids who are looking forward to have the best time of their lives. 


How To Apply?

The application process isn't complicated at all. Here's what you need to do to apply

Step 1: Visit the Work For GoHen webpage

Step 2: Send your name, location and why you deserve to get it by February 28.

While the role pays £17,000, roughly 16 lacs, all travel expenses such as flights and hotels are included in the remuneration. What a break from the regular 9 to 5!

The Story Behind This Cool Offer

Wondering why would a company pay someone to literally have fun? Well, GoHen’s Director of Operations, Steve Roddy, has a perspective on this. Reportedly, he says that an experienced party-goer will enable the company to stay ahead in the industry.

"We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the best bridal send-offs in the industry. So, to make sure we meet our high standards, we need an experienced partygoer to head to our destinations and test the latest hen party activities and try out the local party scene so we can keep ahead of the curve," said Steve. 

He further added that the candidate will be required to complete a 'full dossier' of their findings from their trip.


BRB, going to apply for this coolest AF offer RN!

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