Get Crafty: 10 Easy DIY Tutorials For Home To Make The Most Of Quarantine

Get Crafty: 10 Easy DIY Tutorials For Home To Make The Most Of Quarantine

The narrative of Netflix & Chill has gained an unparalleled impetus in the last couple of months. But there's only so much one can watch, days on end, locked down inside the house. True these are unprecedented times but if you think about it, we have at our disposal the sporadic opportunity to make the most of these homebound days. Right from working on our fitness goals to creating something that will not only help us through the phase but also survive it once all of this is over, there is so much that we can be doing right now!

While binge-watching a screen is escapist, artistic endeavours can be truly therapeutic. So, we at POPxo have curated a list of some amazing DIY tutorials to get you busy during the quarantine. These DIYs are fun, creative, and will have you making something that you'll admire for a long time to come. All set in your DIY overalls? Here are 10 tutorials that will guide you through your DIY adventures!

The Vibrant Textile Mat That You Might Have Been Eyeing

Since I moved to my new apartment about five months ago, I have been constantly looking for textile mats on a number of online stores. However, it is the high price point that has been stopping me to make the buy. Most of these mats are sold by brands that take pride in the exquisiteness of their stuff for all of it is handmade. 

I had almost given up the idea until I came across this amazing DIY tutorial a couple of days ago and I am certainly giving it a go in the coming week. The beauty of this mat lies in the fact that you can customise it while incorporating a colour palette that goes best with your interiors. Here's the tutorial:

Zero Investment Custom Balcony

Is your dusty, lacklustre balcony adding to your quarantine irritation? How about you clean it a little and then get working on some custom styling? I simply cannot get over how this DIY tutorial delivers more than it promises while being super convenient and fun. Here, give it a go:

Add A Pop Of Colour To Lift Up Your Room

Tired of doing the very same thing, in the very same room during a lockdown? An easy way to get rid of the quarantine monotony is to revamp your room a little by adding a pop of colour and some quirky decor elements here and there. This easy DIY pompom hanging fits the bill just right:

And before you say you don't have any pompoms at home, watch this:

Put Those Old CDs To Good Use

Most of us will have a case full of CDs at home and no matter how much you might prize your DDLJ disk, the film is available online. It is high time you accept that disks are obsolete now. Well, not exactly obsolete. They can be put to good use and add a touch of silver to your room, if processed the right way. Feel like curating a silver hanging for the room? Follow this fun tutorial:

A Bookshelf That Won' Cost Anything & Inspire You To Pick Up A Book

Have a ton of books lying at random places in your house? Here's an easy DIY tutorial to put your prized possessions together in a cool shelf that'll surely inspire you to pick them more often:

Add A Touch Of Glamour To Your House Plants

Get in a collaborative project with someone from your family and make gardening glamorous together. For instance, while grandpa plants his favourite veggies/flowers, you can simultaneously prepare some rather chic planters that are sure to make his day and yours. Here's what you need to do:

Ace Your Closet Organisation Skills

We have already told you all about why quarantine is actually the best time to re-organise your wardrobe, and now that you cannot go out to get new organisers, what's your take on creating some rather impressive ones at home? This DIY tutorial will make your life easier and would also help you earn some extra brownie points from the parents as they admire your organisation skills. Sold? Here's what you need to do:

Make The Optimum Best Of Your Good Ol' Clothes

It is but natural that you are left with a pile of old clothes after your wardrobe purge and while some of them must be in good shape to donate, here's how you can put the rest of them to good use. Make quarantine more productive and fashion more sustainable, won't you?

Because We Can't Have Enough Organisers

Once you get into the DIY business, there's just no stopping. It's fun to do, productive use of your time, and a good value and skill addition. Not to mention, money saviour! So, how about we take the DIY fun to the kitchen next? Here's how you can whip up a rather cool DIY kitchen organiser:

Newspaper DIYs For The Win!

It's time you finally take cognizance of that huge pile of newspapers in the storeroom and create something unbelievably beautiful. All this while, you might have looked down at old newspapers but that's soon to change as you create a gorgeous lamp out of them. Here's the tutorial:

Did we manage to bite your DIY bug there? Try on the DIYs and don't forget to have fun while you are at it! 

Feature Image: Unsplash