This Badass Bride Is Winning The Internet For Driving Her Husband Home After Her Vidaai!

This Badass Bride Is Winning The Internet For Driving Her Husband Home After Her Vidaai!

Indian weddings are all about rituals, traditions and customs and TBH, some of them are as old as time. While things have changed over the years, a lot of these traditions continue to remain unequal and regressive. Even in the 21st century, the bride's family waits to welcome the groom and the baaratis, and let's not forget the Kanyadaan (which literally translates to donating the girl) and then vidaai!

We've seen some rather sexist traditions that truly make us uncomfortable but not many of us do much about it, maybe due to family pressure or just out of respect for traditions. But over the last few years, we've seen brides breaking the norms with their unconventional choices. From the bride who wore a white lehenga to the one who got her own baarat, our desi brides have often inspired us by smashing the shackles of patriarchy on their big day. 

And now, there's another bride who has done it yet again! Usually, the vidaai is an emotional moment for the bride and her family, as she leaves her maternal house aka maaika to go to her in-law's house aka sasuraal. But this bride from Kolkata turned the tables as she ditched the traditional vidaai


A video of 28-year-old Sneha Singhi taking the wheel to drive her husband to her sasuraal during the vidaai created a buzz online. And guess what? Sneha did all this while wearing her heavy bridal lehenga. In the viral video, the bride can be seen getting into the car with her husband, 29-year-old Saugat Upadhaya sitting next to her. 

Take a look at this bride driving at her own vidaai.

Speaking about her unique vidaai in an interview, Sneha revealed that she had discussed the plan with her husband a month before the wedding but forgot all about it when the moment came. She shared that was about to sit in the passenger seat when her husband reminded her of their plan. 


Opening up about driving in her bridal outfit, Sneha shared that more than the lehenga and heels, she was skeptical about the car's bonnet which was decorated with flowers. The bride also revealed that her husband does not drive much. 

"To be honest, I did not think of it as women empowerment. I have always driven him around wherever he has wanted to go. In fact, that’s how our first date ended – I dropped him home," added the bride.

Well, that's one badass bride! Psst...I'm totally stealing this idea for my own shaadi.

Feature Image: Instagram