Werk It! 6 Instructors Who Are Giving Super Affordable Fitness Classes During Lockdown

Werk It! 6 Instructors Who Are Giving Super Affordable Fitness Classes During Lockdown

One of the upsides of the entire work from home scene in the past year has been the little extra time that remains in my hand to work on myself. Now, while I have had a lot of blue days, the kind when even getting a glass of water feels like a task, I have also had some pretty motivated ones. Whenever I am having the latter kind of days, I always ensure to have a full-blown workout session. 'Coz literally nothing feels as uplifting as that sweat breaking on your face. Hot damn!

Now, I happen to be one of those people who get bored pretty easily and thus I keep changing my workout routine. As a result, I have tried a lot of fitness instructors in the past year and a half and some of them have turned out to be pretty amazing. So I thought I should share my list with you peeps. All of these experts are tried and tested, accommodating, and most importantly super affordable. Yup, you read that right. Scroll down for the complete list:

6 Instructors Who Are Giving Affordable Fitness Classes

Looking for affordable fitness classes online? Here is a list that will keep you covered:

Tania Sudan

All this while, Tania had been teaching pole dancing to her Delhi students. However, she could not help but shift base during the second wave of the pandemic. In the past couple of years, her fitness studio was most of the social life that she has had and tired of the current situation Tania decided to give fitness lessons online.

She has just started her classes and is currently teaching a core and hip mobility/flexibility training routine. Both the routines are complementary and you can either attend just one of them or both. I’d personally recommend that you go for both the classes.

By doing so, not only will you be equipped with the most intense core routine ever but also a conditioning and flexibility routine that most of us miss out on. She is currently charging INR 500 for a core class and INR 650 for the flexi training. You can also avail a six-day core package for INR 3000 and a flexi package for INR 3600. I am yet to enroll for an entire package but you’d learn enough in just one class as well which makes her one of the most affordable fitness trainers on the internet. 

To book: Directly reach out to her on Insta DM.  

Price: INR 500-3000

Sheena Roy


The Fat Loss: Built By Goals guide created by Sheena Roy and her husband Alpha Madhu is an amazing plan that would be perfect for you in case you're just starting an at-home workout routine. The program costs as little as INR 250 and gives you exhaustive information on diet, portion control, exercise routines,  and everyday movement. The course consists of an informative booklet that tells you everything there is to know about calorie deficit and intermittent fasting. You’d also get a guide on rep ranges, instructions on starting weights, two effective exercise routines, a fat loss-friendly grocery list, and a guide on how to maintain portions. I purchased the Built By Goals guide back in 2020 and it really helped me kickstart my fitness journey. 

Click here to purchase the guide. 

Price: INR 250

Vaishnavi Boora

Okay so let me clarify something first, Vaishnavi Boora’s personal training courses aren’t exactly that economical. However, the price is well justified given the amount of hard work she puts in for every client. That said, Vaishnavi has something for everyone even if they cannot afford an online fitness course. In fact, she is one of the very few fitness instructors online who post efficiently designed full-body workout routines on social media. Back in January, I tried 4 of her routines and boy did I feel the burn! If you have the discipline and the patience to do each one of these routines in sets mentioned by her, there is no way you won’t feel those muscles popping in just a couple of weeks. 

Check out her Instagram feed for amazing workout routines. 

 Price: Free Of Cost


So this expert isn’t Indian but totally deserves a spot in this list given that her course works like magic and I say that sans any exaggerations. Karina provides a unique training course and teaches you the nuances of training your face. “Just like your body, your face can be trained too,” she says and means it. At a nominal charge of INR 1265, she provides you with a 21-day face marathon. The course starts with posture workouts and then advances on to face muscle training. It is a wholesome course and will yield hundred percent results provided that you are consistent enough. As for me, I started getting compliments within a week of starting the program and that should tell you everything about the efficiency of this course. Also, this would be an amazing Mother’s Day present for your mom.  

Click here to purchase the marathon. 

Price: INR 1265

Pooja Manoj

Pooja Manoj is a dietician, fitness consultant, and Zumba expert. Her course is perfect for someone who likes to keep it light albeit consistent. For a nominal fee of INR 1000 per month, she will give you a mindfully designed course created to target every aspect of your fitness. The course consists of a specially designed STRONG nation routine, an upper-body training routine, Zumba + Tabata core training, and lower body strength training. She also shares recorded sessions with those who are unable to make it to the class and also gives you a diet chart for an additional charge of INR 500. 

You can reach out to her at eatwise4health@gmail.com for registrations or reach out to her on Instagram

Price Point: INR 1000

Annavi Khot


Annavi charges just INR 2000 for her mind-blowing sessions. And in case pilates and yoga sound like your go-to workout modes, you should join her classes ASAP. You'd get a full-blown workout session for 12 days a month which makes it three classes per work. 

Reach out to her on Instagram to register. 

Price: INR 2000

So fam all set to werk it?

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