50+ Stylish Back Hand Mehndi Designs You Can Bookmark For The Next Big Occasion!

best back hand mehndi design

The tradition of applying mehndi on auspicious occasions has long been a part of the Indian culture. Whether you are prepping for upcoming festivals and occasions, or are getting ready for your own wedding day, searching for the right mehndi design must definitely be on your to-do list, right? Say goodbye to hours of research as we have compiled some of the most creative back hand mehndi designs for you to draw inspiration from. Hopefully, these will inspire you to create your own henna masterpiece to flaunt at the next wedding or event you go to!

Here are our top picks which include simple back hand mehndi designs, latest back hand mehndi designs, bridal back hand mehndi designs, and more.

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    Simple Back Hand Mehndi Designs

    Not every occasion demands intricate, and elaborate mehndi designs. Sometimes, even the most minimalistic and simple mehndi designs give the best results, and make your hands look pretty. If you are attending a wedding, and wish to go for fuss-free designs, we have a few simple back hand mehndi design ideas for you to choose from! 

    Minimalist Leafy Pattern


    When it comes to choosing back hand mehndi design, it is often the most minimalist ones that look the best. This leafy pattern with organic curves makes the simple back hand mehndi design look aesthetic, while the free spaces around the pattern allow for the design to look more prominent.

    Trendy Floral Mehndi Design


    This beautiful back hand mehndi design consists of simple rounded patterns, and leaves. It looks beautiful and can be easily applied without consuming a lot of time. 

    Jewellery Back Hand Mehndi Design


    When choosing simple back hand mehndi designs, this one is always a safe bet! Inspired by back hand jewellery patterns, this design makes your hand look pretty, and also gives festive vibes!

    Simple String Mehndi Pattern


    Yet another jewellery-inspired design, this is one of the modern designs that is very easy to apply, while also giving a mesmerizing look. 

    Mandala Design


    Mandala designs are among the most traditional patterns, but they never go out of style. You can recreate this easy back hand mehndi design with great ease, and it gives an intricate look.

    Arabic Floral Pattern


    Arabic mehndi designs usually have floral and leafy patterns, and they also include empty spaces to make the design more prominent. The curvy patterns, some shaded portions, and bold lines to highlight the floral design make it look simple yet spectacular!

    String And Floral Design


    The simpler you keep your back hand mehndi design, the more your hand jewellery will be highlighted. If you wish to flaunt your beautiful ring, or bracelet, while also keeping your hand decorated with henna, opt for this easy back hand mehndi design.

    Geometric Mehndi Design


    Mehndi doesn’t have to be full of floral or curvy designs. If you’re someone who loves geometric patterns and neat lines, then go for this simple back hand mehndi design. 

    Jaali And Floral Design


    Another simple back hand mehndi design that can make your jewellery pop! The jaali pattern on top creates a beautiful net-like look, while the floral design at the bottom gives it a graceful look. 

    Checkered Design


    This easy back hand mehndi design makes your hand look filled, yet gives a neat look with straight, clean lines. If you love simple floral and leafy patterns, then this one is perfect for you!

    Stylish Back Hand Mehndi Designs

    Your hands don’t have to be intricately and completely filled with henna for the designs to look stylish and pretty. Over the last few years, mehndi patterns and designs have seen a lot of changes, and have evolved, with various creative elements added to them. If you aren’t one for conventional mehndi designs, try one of these stylish back hand mehndi designs!

    Vintage Floral Design


    This stylish back hand mehndi design gives an intricate look, but it actually just consists of floral motifs, and the checkered pattern on the fingers, giving a lace-like effect and a vintage vibe. The spaces in between the floral designs make it stand out. 

    Shaded Design


    What makes this back hand mehndi design unique and stylish is that it has been applied from just above the wrist, entirely skipping the mehndi design on your fingers. The shaded insides of the design make it look oh-so-beautiful!

    Alternate Layered Mehndi Design


    The alternating layers of mehndi pattern and empty spaces give this stylish back hand mehndi design a look like no other. While this design ends just above your wrist, if you wish to go for a design up to your elbows, you can continue with the alternating pattern. 

    Diagonal Mehndi Design


    Mehndi designs that are completely filled with intricate details, with no empty space, can make things look messy. However, to give a clean and uncomplicated look to your back hand mehndi design, opt for a diagonal design like this one! 

    Floral Arabic Mehndi With Dark Outlines


    When applied with precision and consistently thick outlines, this floral design can give a very appealing look. This stylish back hand mehndi design is easy and quick to apply!

    Pinky Finger Back Hand Mehndi Design


    This minimalistic yet stylish back hand mehndi design begins from one side of the hand and leads up to the pinky finger. The use of roses instead of the normal floral design is what makes this design so unique and elegant. 

    Semi-Circular Mehndi Design


    This semi-circular back hand mehndi design has been made using simple lines, curves, floral and leafy patterns. The semi-circle can also be created on the other hand so that when you keep them together, a circle is formed. When applied with precision, this stylish back hand mehndi design looks simply beautiful! 

    Lotus Back Hand Mehndi Design


    Quite in contrast to mehndi designs with lots of spaces, the empty spaces in this lotus back hand mehndi design have been completely filled, making the lotuses look prominent. While it looks easy, creating this mehndi design neatly is a difficult task. 

    Floral Style Mandala Design


    A mandala design doesn’t necessarily have to include only lines and circles. This creative back hand mehndi design features beautiful florals within the mandala, and makes it look unique.

    Criss Cross Mehndi Design


    This criss-cross design with extra bold outlines is easy to recreate and consists mostly of geometric patterns and lines, with floral design towards the end. Opt for this stylish back hand mehndi design when you’re low on time, but want a beautiful mehndi design. 

    Haathphool Mehndi Design


    This jewellery-inspired back hand mehndi design resembles the haathphool that is worn during functions. 

    Full Back Hand Bridal Mehndi Design

    Are you a bride-to-be who has always dreamt of having your hands full of mehndi till your elbows? You’re not alone. Many brides love having full hand bridal mehndi designs, filled with intricate details. We have compiled full back hand bridal mehndi designs that you can choose from, for your big day! 

    Arabic Floral Bridal Mehndi Design


    What’s not to love about this beautiful mehndi design that is full of flowers?! If you love floral patterns, then this back full-hand bridal mehndi design could be a great option for you.

    Wraparound Bridal Peacock Mehndi Design


    This gorgeous bridal back hand mehndi design features peacock and elephant motifs, along with some geometric and leafy patterns. The dulha dulhan figures on top make it the perfect bridal design! 

    Royal Mehndi Design For Brides


    Bridal mehndi need not be full of intricate designs and patterns that leave no room for empty spaces. If you are someone who loves the empty spaces in between, yet want a full-hand bridal mehndi, then go for this design that looks royal, classy, and neat.

    Intricate Floral Mehndi Design


    This intricate design is perfect for brides who simply love designs filled with floral patterns! Full of floral motifs, leaves, and some geometric patches in between, this bridal back hand mehndi design is sure to leave everyone awestruck! 

    Traditional Indian Bridal Mehndi Design


    This beautiful bridal back hand mehndi design consists of lotus motifs within the checkered pattern, beautiful peacock design and elephant motifs. These elements make it a great choice for brides who wish to opt for traditional Indian designs. 

    Lotus Motifs Bridal Mehndi Design


    Centered around the beautiful lotus motifs, this mehndi design for brides includes various other elements. The bold outlines and filled parts in this design make it look absolutely mesmerizing!

    Jaali Pattern Bridal Mehndi Design


    Instead of too many intricate elements, this bridal back hand mehndi design uses geometric jaali patterns in different ways throughout the design. It is a fuss-free design, yet it looks oh-so-beautiful!

    Semi-Circular Bridal Mehndi Design


    This bridal back hand mehndi design is an excellent choice for those who like to keep it classy, and beautiful, yet minimal! Not a big fan of floral and leafy patterns? Opt for this design which mostly consists of geometric lines and curves. 


    Bridal Dome Mehndi Design


    This bridal back hand mehndi design features multiple dome-like elements, which consist of floral designs inside. The leftover spaces are filled with repetitive patterns, making the design look intricate.

    Mandala Style Bridal Mehndi Design


    This mandala bridal back hand mehndi design leaves space to add in your and your husband’s initials, making it a great option for bridal mehndi designs! 

    Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Designs

    Contrary to popular belief, bridal mehndi designs don’t necessarily have to be very elaborate or intricate. Don’t love the look of bridal mehndi designs that cover your hands completely? We have a few more bridal back hand mehndi design options that you might like.

    Haathphool Inspired Bridal Mehndi Design


    This haathphool inspired mehndi design is perfect for fuss-free brides who like keeping things simple. Giving a jewellery-like look, this design incorporates traditional elements such as paisley, domes, beaded chains, and more.

    Checkered Bridal Mehndi Design With Floral Patterns


    The checkered pattern in this bridal back hand mehndi design, along with a few floral elements make it stand out! 

    Symmetric Floral Bridal Mehndi Design


    This symmetric mehndi design stands out due to its intricacy, and neatly formed bands that contain various elements of mehndi design!

    Bridal Rose Design


    Skip the traditional floral patterns, and opt for this rose design instead. Using roses in mehndi design may not be conventional, but we love the unique look it gives! 

    Meshwork Mehndi Design


    The meshwork or the jaali pattern near the fingers gives it a vintage lace glove-like feel. It also accentuates the widely-spaced checkered pattern inside the dome design. 

    Royal Mehndi Design With Bride And Groom Figurines


    The main focus of this design is on the bride and groom figures, and the rest of the design simply consists of grids, florals and checkered patterns. 

    Layered Mehndi Bridal Design With Mandala Center


    This may not be as intricate as other bridal back hand mehndi designs, but it is definitely a unique design that will make people sit up and take notice. The mandala in the center, surrounded by diagonal layers of floral patterns gives it a contemporary twist!

    Bridal Mehndi Design With Grids And Roses


    Simply a combination of grids and floral patterns, this bridal back hand mehndi design formed in neat bands, makes each layer stand out! 

    Jhumka Inspired Mehndi Design


    Show your never-ending love for jhumkas with this mehndi design that beautifully incorporates the jhumka in the middle of a mandala! 

    Floral Band With Leafy Grids


    The floral band and the leafy grids are the main attraction of this back hand bridal mehndi design. Looking for a fully covered mehndi look, without making it look too complicated? Then go for this design right away!  

    Latest Back Hand Mehndi Design

    Minimalist mehndi designs are currently in trend, and will likely remain that way for a long time for obvious reasons. Not only are these back hand mehndi designs quick and easy to apply, but they also look very unique, and grab attention. Below are some of the latest back hand mehndi designs that you can choose to recreate.

    Floral Creeper Back Hand Mehndi Design


    This simple back hand mehndi design incorporates a graceful curve that runs across the length of your hand. The simple floral and leaf pattern repeats itself throughout the design, making it look simple yet elegant!

    Lace Glove Mehndi Design


    The checkered pattern on the fingers followed by two layers of floral design with empty space in between beautifully highlights this minimal design. It emanates vintage vibes, and we’re loving it! 

    One Side Floral Mehndi Design


    If fully covered mehndi designs aren’t your cup of tea, opt for this simple back hand mehndi design! Flora designs on hand look best when there are sufficient empty spaces to elevate the beauty of this design. This is precisely why one sided Arabic floral mehndi looks great! 

    Shaded Floral Mehndi Design


    This mehndi design looks gorgeous, yet it can be difficult to master, due to the skills required to create a shaded effect. This is among the latest back hand mehndi designs with huge floral elements, making the design stand out. 

    Realistic Garden Henna Design


    You can opt for realistic nature-inspired imagery to form a henna tattoo on the back of your hand. We love this simple design with beautiful elements! 

    Fusion Mehndi Design


    This latest back hand mehndi design fuses geometric shapes with traditional elements, giving it a modern twist! 

    Netted Mehndi Design


    Doesn’t this mehndi design give a beautiful, dainty look to the hand? This design has intricate details that may be difficult to accomplish so neatly, but its overall look is unparalleled! 

    Partial Back Hand Mehndi Design


    This simple yet stylish back hand mehndi design covers the hand partially, while amalgamating two elements of design- Arabic florals and the netted pattern! 

    Simple Jewellery Inspired Floral Design


    Keep it simple, and beautiful with this back hand mehndi design that gives the look of a ring on your finger, while the dainty floral band over the wrist creates an illusion of a gorgeous bracelet. 

    Mehndi Design With Swirly Leaf Patterns


    This mehndi design looks simply magical, doesn’t it? Made using swirly leaf patterns, we are loving the composition of this latest back hand mehndi design! 

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    Now that you have scrolled through the list of back hand mehndi designs, we are sure you have chosen your dream mehndi design that you can’t wait to apply. Get ready to flaunt your mehndi design and receive a ton of compliments! 

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