12 Of The Most Effective Ways, Exercises & Diets To Reduce Thigh Fat

Best Exercises To Reduce Thigh Fat

While a little thigh fat does not hurt anyone, excess of it can be a problem. Apart from chub rubs that can be really painful during the summer, ladies with excess thigh fat may find it difficult to perform exercises that put weight on leg muscles. While it is not possible to lose weight in just one part of the body, there are some methods that can help you reduce your thigh fat more effectively. So, if you are wondering how to lose thigh fat, then these tips will help you FOSHO! These effective ways will strengthen your thigh muscles, which will help you jump higher, walk and run faster, and improve your overall physical stability. 

P.S. Reduce your thigh fat when you want and need to and not because someone told you that your thighs are too thick for some chic shorts. In that case, politely ask them to mind their own business! 

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    4 Ways To Reduce Thigh Fat

    If you are not into gymming and following a strict diet scares the living daylights out of you, then don’t worry. We have found you some effective tips to reduce thigh fat. While these tips are easy, they require consistency and patience.

    Climb Stairs


    If you are wondering how to lose thigh fat, then we have one of the easiest ways for you. Find a set of stairs and climb them at least 10 times a day. This will help you burn calories, lose thigh fat, and is one of the simplest ways to keep your cardiovascular health in check.

    Walk On Sand


    This method is not for everyone. But, if you happen to live in a coastal area near the beach, then you are in luck. If you are wondering how to reduce thigh fat by living near a beach, then the answer is quite simple. Walk on the beach. The extra tension that it creates in your leg will help in the toning of your thigh muscles.

    Ballet-Style Exercise


    This is not exactly an exercise because you will be dancing. It’s no secret that dancers have extremely toned and strong legs. It’s because, obviously, they put most of their balance on their feet and stretch their legs muscles at every move. Among all dance forms, ballet places a lot of tension on our legs and that helps us reduce thigh fat. You can also try Indian dance forms like Bharatnatyam and Kathak as they require intensive footwork that helps tone your legs.

    Pick Up A Sport


    Sport stretches your muscles and makes them stronger. There are also a lot of sports that make your muscles leaner. Some of the sports that aim at your leg muscles are swimming, cycling, soccer and golf.

    4 Exercises To Reduce Thigh Fat

    While these ways are simple and effective, you may need more than that to reduce excessive thigh fat. In that case, you need to get your body moving and indulge in some good workout sessions. So, here are a few exercises to reduce thigh fat.

    Sumo Squats


    This is one of the most effective exercises to reduce thigh fat. Here’s how it’s done:

    • Stand with your feet wider than your hip-width. Make sure your toes are pointing outward.
    • Keep your chest and shoulders up and slowly bend your knees while pushing your hips slightly out. 
    • Move downward until your thighs are parallel with the floor.
    • Hold the position for 20 secs before getting back to the original position.
    • Perform 2 sets of 15 reps each.

    Jump Squats


    Another effective exercise to reduce thigh fat is jump squats and here’s how it’s done:

    • Stand with your spine straight and your feet hip-width apart.
    • Sit in the regular squat position and then push your hips back while leaning forward. Simultaneously, bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
    • Press your feet against the floor and jump up.
    • Try to land with your knees making 45° with the floor.
    • Get back to the original squat position. Perform 2 sets of 15 reps each.

    Goblet Squats


    Once you are able to perform the above two squats to lose thigh fat, then you can move on to Goblet squats. This is how it’s done:

    • Stand on the floor with your feet stretched a little wider than hip-width. Make sure that your toes are pointing outward.
    • Hold a dumbbell vertically with both your hands and place the weight in front of your chest. Point your elbows downward.
    • Bend your knees, lower your hips and keep your chest up for three seconds. 
    • Slowly return to the original position. 
    • Perform 2 sets of 10 reps each.

    Leg Lift


    This exercise is one of the less strenuous ones but it is also one of the most effective exercises to reduce thigh fat.

    • Lie straight with your back on the floor and place your hands to the sides.
    • Lift both of your legs very slowly and keep lifting them till it forms a 90-degree angle with the floor.
    • Maintain that posture for a few seconds.
    • Get back to the original position.
    • Perform 10 to 15 times.

    4 Diets To Lose Thigh Fat

    Remember that there’s no diet plan that specifically targets your thigh muscles. If anyone says anything otherwise, they’re lying. Exercises and healthy diets affect your entire body.  However, here are some diets that can help you reduce thigh fats and also help you shed extra muscles from all over your body.

    Include Protein & Fiber


    Protein and fiber-rich diets help you feel full for a longer period of time without consuming a lot of calories. This helps you lose extra fats and make your muscles leaner. Add green veggies, fruits, fish, and whole grains to your meals.

    Calcium Rich Diet


    Calcium, magnesium, and potassium have electrolytes. These electrolytes ensure that your body doesn’t need extra salt and keep your fluid balance stable. Include green veggies, yogurt and bananas in your diet.

    Include Citrus In Your Diet


    Eat citrus fruits to tone your muscles and you will see the difference in no time. These fruits are known for burning fats effectively. 

    Skip Alcohol


    Alcohol adds more calories to your system and increases your weight gradually. It also makes you duller and inactive. So, if you are wondering how to lose thigh fat, then probably the first thing you need to do is cut out on alcohol.

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    So, if you had been wondering all this while how to reduce thigh fat in a healthy way, then we hope your search is over now! Stay healthy, stay fit!

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