That's Bananas! 5 Weird Haircare Ingredients That Actually Work

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When it comes to experimenting with DIYs, even the most random ingredients can work wonders for our skin and hair. Just take any ingredient and we bet you can find a million ways on the internet to DIY it.

Speaking of random ingredients, what do honey and mayonnaise have in common, apart from adding a pinch of taste to our food? They can also help make our hair look good! That's right, these tasty, sticky-to-touch ingredients are safe to be used on our hair and have the best intentions! Don't believe us? Then keep on reading!

Food Ingredients That Weird Make Our Hair Look Good

It's time to save your big bucks and try these internet tested products that are apparently great for our hair. From using mayonnaise in place of a hair conditioner to using honey to repair your strands; we promise the list is only going to get weirder from here!


Bananas are awesome. Not only they were our fave fruit during the first wave of Coronavirus (remember the banana bread-making phase) but also jampacked with important nutrients such as vitamins and potassium.

When used on hair, it can moisturise, add shine and improves your mane's overall health. Just take two ripe bananas, mash them using a fork, add some methi powder and apply this DIY mask for about an hour.

Just a word of caution while using this DIY on curly hair, make sure you mash them into a super fine pulp or you'll end up picking out pieces of dried up banana from your curls for days!


You can always rely on plain mayonnaise to add a tasty punch to your starters but using it on hair? How about no yes!

Backed up by Blake Lively, mayonnaise can help revive dull hair in no time. Just apply a generous amount of product on your hair ends as a pre-shampoo treatment and we bet you'll be loving how great your hair looks (and smells) after shampooing them!


Before you imagine how sticky it can make your hair, remember that it is actually a great idea to use honey in your hair as it is a natural emollient that can add moisture to dry strands in no time.

You can either add a few drops of honey into your hair mask for an instant dose of hydration or mix it with equal parts olive oil, heat it for about 10 seconds and apply it on your lower strands to control frizz.

It's messy but it definitely works!

Cocoa Powder

We all love adding the flavour of cocoa powder to our cakes and hot beverages but would you believe us if we told you that you can use it on your hair too?

Calling our all brunette beauties as we have found you the perfect way to add a natural boost of colour to your mane. In a bowl, add 2 tbsp curd, 1/2 tbsp cocoa powder and apply it on your hair for about an hour to make them look deeper. You can also add cocoa powder into your mehendi mix to make your hair look darker.


We all have that one friend who loves oatmeal (why though?). If you too cannot bring yourself to enjoy it as part of your breakfast, then why not use it as a hair mask?

Soak some oatmeal in a bowl overnight, again like the bananas - grind this into a fine paste and use the mixture to hydrate dry strands. You can also add it to your hair packs, mix it with your hair oil or apply it just like that to treat an itchy and dry scalp in no time.

Just promise that you will not forget about us when you start getting calls for shampoo commercials, okay?

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