Can We Stop To Eat Yet? 8 Things You'll Relate To If You Love Going On Road Trips

Can We Stop To Eat Yet? 8 Things You'll Relate To If You Love Going On Road Trips

Going on a trip with your friends and family can be an experience of a lifetime. And if that trip is a road trip, then you've practically hit the jackpot. There's no better way of making memories than singing along to your favourite songs while you cruise down the road with the wind blowing through your hair.

With surprise pit stops, unhealthy snacks and hilarious anecdotes, road trip memories are the ones you're going to cherish for the rest of your lives. More so, if it's a trip with your BFFs. But if you're heading out on a road trip for the first time, let us warn you...there are some common things that you're bound to experience. Scroll on.

Packing Takes Forever

Contrary to popular belief, packing up the car takes much longer than packing a suitcase. You'll be lucky if you have enough space to sit comfortably by the time you're done. And you'll still end up leaving half your things home!

Detours Are Common

Don't be surprised if you get lost on your way to the destination even with the GPS. Directions always get messed up and you end up taking a *slight* detour.

There's A Road Trip ‘Mom’

You might have planned to take turns to drive but the reality is very different. There's always that one person who is stuck driving you around and that person becomes the mom for the rest of the squad.

Time To Roll Down The Windows

Fifteen minutes into the trip someone will suggest that it's time to roll down the window and that's when someone else will play Sooraj Dooba Hai. There’s nothing better than cruising down the road with Arijit Singh’s songs playing in the background.

But Music Is A Bummer

You can put together a road trip playlist all you want but when you're actually on the road, it becomes so repetitive that you just end up switching on the radio.

Someone Always Needs To Pee

Most of your spontaneous pit stops are because someone always needs to pee really bad (even if you stopped just 5 minutes ago). And eventually, you just stop in the middle of nowhere and let them pee on the grass on the side of the road. 

Does Anyone Have Change?

Every time you're near a toll, everyone in the car starts to dig for change in their bags. And with all the change that cabbies and auto walas give you, we're sure you have enough to last you a lifetime but only if you find it on time.

Let's Stop To Eat Na!

There's always that one person who has a bag full of snacks for the trip but come lunchtime, they'll get hungry. And that's when you know it's time to stop at the roadside dhaba but god save you if everyone doesn't agree on one place! 

We know you're thinking of hitting the road RN but don't forget to grab the first aid kit and prepare for the ride back.....Bon Voyage peeps!

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