Group Studies, Sleepovers & Field Trips: 8 Lies We've All Told Our Desi Parents

Group Studies, Sleepovers & Field Trips: 8 Lies We've All Told Our Desi Parents

"He's just a friend, Mummy!"

We love our folks and that's probably why we don't want them to find out that we're not as innocent as they think we are.  So, we lie to keep their illusions intact and also to make sure we don't get grounded for going out on a date! We don't have any bad intentions but let's face it, lying is so much easier than dealing with our desi parents’ logic. After all, it's not like you can hit the club after telling your parents the truth!

We've all mastered the art of lying without blinking an eyelid in front of our parents. Here are some lies most of us all guilty of telling our parents.

1. We Have ‘Group Study’ At Anjali's Place

We all know that group studies is not a thing! We've all told this little lie to our parents every time we wanted to hit the nightclub or go for a crazy house party.

2. I’m Just...Sick

Hangovers are bad enough as it is, and we sure as hell don't want our parents finding out about them! So, it's always 'I think I ate something bad' or 'I couldn't sleep properly last night'.

3. Look, Richa Got Me A Gift

We all know that expensive dress came out of your own savings but god forbid if your parents find out about it. So, it's always a gift from Richa or Puja or someone else!

4. It's The Teacher's Fault

Not getting good marks can never be your fault 'coz itne group study sessions ke baad, how's that even possible?! So, it's always because the teacher is vindictive and failed you on purpose. 

5. I Can't Hear You, Papa

Okay, we all know that the network is not weak. You just don't want to be on a call when you're out partying 'coz you don’t want your parents to find out! 

6. The Boys Slept In A Different Room, Ma

We've all told this lie. Sharing a room with the other gender was no less than a crime. Forget getting grounded, none of us really had the guts to deal with the drama that would follow had we told our parents what really happened! And that's precisely why you had to lie every time you went for the ‘college field trip’ (not all of us were allowed to go on trips with our friends).

7. I Had Veg Food Only

No, you did not, but if your family is vegetarian, telling them the truth would lead to a lot of crying, drama, and emotional blackmail. And isn't it a good thing if a lie can save you and your family from all that trouble?

8. Oh, I Love It!

No matter how much you hate that out-of-fashion dress your mom got you, you just don't have the heart to tell her the truth! But this also means that you'll have to come up with another lie to never wear it! 

Truth be told, our parents have been teenagers too and that's probably why they can see through our lies! So next time, think again before you make up that seemingly convincing lie.

Feature Image: Freepik