Why Are You Wearing That? 9 Things You'll Relate To If You're Always Slightly Overdressed

Why Are You Wearing That? 9 Things You'll Relate To If You're Always Slightly Overdressed

"You can never be overdressed or overeducated" - Oscar Wilde.

NGL, I have taken these words quite seriously in life. It all started when I dressed up as a princess on my 5th birthday and realised that I didn't need to be in a Disney movie to feel special. As I grew up, so did my obsession for dressing up. TBH, Barney Stinson would be so proud 'coz I do not need any special occasion to 'Suit Up'. I dress to impress (myself) every single day.

Well, I can safely say that I'm quite extra when it comes to my fashion sense and if you just said *sis, same* in your head RN, it's time you scroll down!

9 Things You Will Get If You Love To Dress Up

If you believe it in your heart that life is too short to wear boring dresses and love being a fashionista, then you will relate to these instances FOSHO!

WFH Doesn't Affect Your Fashion Choices

I don't know who needs to hear this but working from home does not imply that you have to compromise with style. Yes, PJs are cute but do you know what's cuter? Dresses, playsuits and even beachwear!

One of the major perks of WFH is that now you can legit wear anything (from a stunning LBD to a festive saree) without having to explain your OTT fashion choices to anyone. *Such a relief*

Your Video Is Always On During Virtual Meetings

While most people hate official video calls and meetings, you love them. It means that you can finally flaunt your dazzling OOTDs, hairdos and makeup in front of your colleagues. Yep, dressing up for virtual meetings is a big part of your life now and it's exciting AF! 

You Want All Your Friends To Dress Up

While your friends may want you to underdress a little, you want all of them to dress up. You try to convince them that heels are not uncomfortable and it wouldn't look weird if they dress up for a casual coffee date or a slumber party.

Your Low-Key Dressing Is Also Considered Being Overdressed

Sometimes, you do try to tone it down for the occasion and keep it simple. But seriously, who are we even kidding? Even if you wear the simplest outfit you own, people would still end up asking, "You're wearing that? You didn't have to dress up!" Well girl, you do you.

"Who Are You Trying To Impress?"

"Whom are you wearing that for?" "Are you heading to a party?" OMG these questions are so damn exhausting!

Whether we overdress or underdress, it's a personal choice. It has nothing to do with impressing anyone else. We love to look pretty for ourselves and it's high time that people stop questioning other people's fashion choices.

Not Enough Clothes

The struggle to find something nice to wear before any occasion is so damn real. Even though our wardrobes are full of clothes, there are still no clothes for us to wear. They have either been worn too many times or you feel that they are not 'good enough'.

Friends Raid Your Closet

You may feel that you do not have enough clothes in your closet, but your friends disagree. They come to you for all the fashion tips and love to raid your wardrobe to find something fab to put on. Admit it, you secretly love being their style guru.

Wedding Seasons Are Your Fave

Festive and wedding seasons are your favourite time of the year because they officially validate your extravagant sartorial decisions. You have an entire section in your closet that's full of OTT lehengas and sarees. TBH, you cannot wait for the pandemic to be over to flaunt them all.

Always Ready For Impromptu Plans

One of the biggest perks of being overdressed is that you don't have to think twice about impromptu plans. Drinks after work? Sudden date night? Bring it on! You do not have to change into something different (or better) because like we said, plans or no plans, you are always dressed for the occasion.

Ladies, let people talk and you dress up like the queen that you are!

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