Kill 'Em Nasty Germs: How To Sanitise All Your Makeup Products

Kill 'Em Nasty Germs: How To Sanitise All Your Makeup Products

Germs are everywhere and with the rise of Coronavirus cases, it is only mandatory to keep the things we use regularly clean and sanitised. Yup, that includes all your makeup too. Now we know what you must be thinking, "why though?" Well, why not?

Sanitising your makeup products and brushes will keep them germ-free, kill the bacteria and also improve the longevity of your products. If you have shared your makeup products with anyone recently or have been putting off washing your makeup tools, then you better sanitise your makeup, STAT!

How To Sanitize Your Makeup

You should sanitise your makeup products once every month to keep bacteria at bay. 

But first, you're going to need a few products...

You'll Need:

- Sanitising spray

- Sanitising wipes

- Disinfecting liquid

- Empty spray bottle

Sanitising With Makeup Wipes

Use makeup wipes to sanitise the outside of your everyday products such as lipsticks, eyeshadows, foundations, eyeliners, etc. This will not only kill all the germs but will also remove any stains or finger marks from your products.

Do this once every week, especially if you are using these makeup products daily.


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Sanitising With A Disinfecting Liquid

This is the best way to sanitise your clean and sanitise your dirty makeup brushes. After washing them with a brush cleaning liquid, dip them in a mug full of water. Add 4-5 drops of a disinfecting liquid in it, wait for about 30 mins and then wash them again. This will make sure that all the product is thoroughly cleansed from your makeup brushes and also kill all the nasty germs.

Use the same technique to wash your beauty blenders too!


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Sanitising With A Spay

Expecting a delivery? As soon as your products get delivered, sanitise the outer packaging using the sanitising spray. You can also use it to sanitise all your makeup products after every few days. Spritz a little sanitizing spray on products like lipsticks, eyeshadows to quickly disinfect.

Pro Tip: If you do not have a sanitising spray, then why not make one?. Take an empty spray bottle, fill 1/3rd of it with water and the rest with a sanitising liquid. Mix well and get, set, spray.


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Make sure you are sanitising everything around you, not just your makeup products. 

Stay home, stay safe!

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