From Foodies To Matchmakers: 10 Types Of People You'll Meet At Every Indian Wedding

From Foodies To Matchmakers: 10 Types Of People You'll Meet At Every Indian Wedding

"Bacchpan se hi na, mujhe shaadi karne ka bahut shauk tha" —remember when Geet from Jab We Met said this infamous diaglouge? Well, with the wedding season just around the corner, we're sure that all the Geets in your life are already prepping for their shaadi. We all love big fat Indian weddings; I mean who wouldn't like all that chaos and magic? But let's not forget shaadis come with a caveat—annoying rishtedaars. 

And let’s be real, our relatives love drama, especially at weddings. From the sharabi uncle to the gossiping aunty, every desi wedding has some ‘special’ characters who make it extra fun (and sometimes annoying). Here are some interesting guests you will meet at every Indian shaadi ever! 

1. The Foodies

Their sole reason for attending the wedding is the food. They're the ones who will hit the food counters the minute they arrive at the venue!

2. The Gossip Gang

Every shaadi has that one odd group of gossipmonger uncles or aunties. These mohalle ke uncle and aunties know it all—from your past relationships to what you did last summer. 

3. The Naraz Taya ji/Bua ji

Indian weddings have that one rishtedaar who is deemed VVIP and has to be handled with care 'coz they're always five seconds away from getting offended. And when that happens you're going to have a lot of drama on your hands. 

4. The Late Lateef

No, they're not fashionably late, they're chronically late. And by the time they reach the venue, all the fun is already over. 

5. Foreign Wale Uncle/Aunty

Apart from the angry and fussy rishtedaar, there's that one very important relative who has come all the way from abroad (usually Kanneda or Landan) for the shaadi. They're probably the ones with an upset stomach because of bahar ka khana and are dressed in head-to-toe Gucci or Chanel

6. The Infamous Matchmaker

The one person who is unmissable at every desi shaadi ever is the matchmaker who loves playing cupid. They usually start the conversation with 'beta, shaadi ho gayi aapki?' but it doesn't take too long for it to escalate to 'vo Mintu uncle ke padosi ki beti Rinky single hai, shaadi ki baat chalun?'

7. 'Where's The Bar?' Gang

They hit the bar at the venue as soon as they arrive and apart from downing their own pegs, they're also the one's making yours. They usually stay at the bar till the vidaai or till the bar closes, whichever happens later. 

8. The Drunk Uncle

Every Indian wedding has one sharabi uncle who will get sloshed and then dance with the bottle or the glass on his head! You'll probably find him at the bar drinking zoro-shoro se!

9. The Dancing Squad

They attend weddings only to show off their dancing skills. They're quick to hit the dance floor and maro their thumkas and mind you, they do this sans any drinking!

10. The BFF

She's the most important person at the wedding. If it wasn't for the Dulhan ki BFF, the bride would be in full-blown panic mode. She's a blessing in disguise for the parents of the bride.

Admit it, you’ve come across each and every one of these characters at a shaadi. But wait, which one of these defines you best?

Feature Image: YouTube