Traveling Is Still TBD, But These Perfumes Will Give Your Major Vacay Vibes

6 Best Perfumes To Beat The Lockdown Blues

Just when things were getting back to normal, the never-ending lockdown and the increasing number of cases made us realize that 2021 is the new 2020. If you got the lockdown blues, we are right there with you. But we have just the thing that can lift your mood. Enter fragrances that will make you feel like a vacation. Perfumes never fail to channel a feeling of cheerful happiness and the best ones can transport you to another world entirely: Sometimes it serves as a reminder of a loved one. Other times, it subtly amplifies the impact of an outfit. 

So we dived deeper to find cult-loved fragrances you need to keep on your radar to beat the blues and feel luxurious while at home. Whether you are a free-spirited bird, a head-turner, or a born leader - there’s one to suit every mood and personality. If you love cloaking yourself in perfumes, Keep scrolling.

The 6 Best Perfumes We Are Spritzing On Repeat

British Rose By Bodyshop


British Rose Eau De Toilette

INR 1,295 AT The Body Shop

If you prefer floral over fruity, woody, or citrus scents. This charmingly light rose eau de toilette made with Britain's favourite flower can be a good addition to your list. This long lasting perfume is an inexpensive way to smell really, really good without sacrificing your bank account’s well-being. 

Estee Lauder Modern Muse Eau De Parfum

Bath & Body

Modern Muse Eau De Parfum


This one has a cult-like following for valid reasons. The sparkling jasmine and woodsy blend make it the perfect fragrance to elevate your overall style. It’s super versatile and can be worn on brunch with friends (whenever that may be) or a date night. Fresh and floral meets warm and sexy in this perfume.

Wild for you By Masaba

Bath & Body

Wild For You Mini

INR 299 AT Masaba

For the raw & unafraid of exploring, this perfume is the real deal. The fragrance is a unique blend of cypress & birch notes, that almost feels like an adrenaline rush & the long-lasting scent of amber, praline and suede stays like a sense of fearlessness.


Dolce & Gabbana The Only One Eau De Parfum


The Only One Eau De Parfum

INR 3,780 AT Dolce & Gabbana

The only one perfume by Dolce & Gabbana is the only fragrance you need if you prefer to catch flights, not feelings. This fragrance will have you at the very first spray. Now, just imagine yourself sipping cocktails while watching the sun - this is how it will make you feel.


Givenchy L'Interdit Eau De Parfum

Bath & Body

L'Interdit Eau De Parfum


Inside this gorgeous, iridescent-peachy bottle is a flowery combo of orange blossom, jasmine, and tuberose along with vetiver and patchouli, all of which work together to exude the shocking side of chic. If you’re itching for a vacation, this can be the ‘it’ perfume for you.


Giorgio Armani Si Fiori Eau De Parfum

Bath & Body

Si Fiori Eau De Parfum

INR 6,036 AT Giorgio Armani

Ok, we’re not exaggerating when we say, this fragrance is one of the most incredible scents we’ve been lucky enough to spritz. There’s an instant warmth, freshness, and sweetness to it that can beat the lockdown blues in seconds. Trust us, this perfume is a thing of beauty.

Hacks To Make Your Perfume Long-Lasting

  • Slather on your go-to lotion before applying the fragrance. Apply a thin layer of lotion on your skin before you spritz on the perfume as oilier skin retains fragrance longer, so using a moisturizer first will help lock in the scent.
  • Apply perfume right after taking a shower as the moisture on your skin will help lock in the scent. This will also prevent the fragrance from staining your super delicate jewellery or clothes.
  • Layer on your skin with the unscented body oil and spritz your perfume over it. It'll help hold the scent better and you won’t have to apply it that frequently.


GLOW Iridescent Brightening Body Lotion

INR 1,095 AT MyGlamm

Hope you've found the ONE for you!

Featured Image: Pexels