Eating Straight Out Of A Pan & 8 Other Things Only Lazy People Will Relate To

Eating Straight Out Of A Pan & 8 Other Things Only Lazy People Will Relate To

While most people are busy chasing their dreams in the rat race, some of us are perfectly content laying in bed in our pyjamas as we procrastinate our work. We know we can conquer the world if we wanted to but, truth be told, we're just too lazy to even try. 

Most of us shy away from accepting that we're lazy due to the stigma attached to it but hey, even science says that laziness is a sign of intelligence. I mean c'mon, do you really think Newton would have discovered gravity had he not been lazing under that apple tree? We're not saying everyone should be lazy (otherwise who would switch on the fan for us) but being lazy has its advantages! So, if you're lazy and not ashamed of it, here are a few things that'll make you go 'hard relate!'. 

1. The Snooze Button Is Your Best Friend

There is no such thing as sleeping too much. You can sleep for over 16 hours a day and still feel tired. And that's exactly why the snooze button is the best thing ever invented. You are capable of snoozing all your alarms at least 8 times every morning. But even after that, you sometimes hope to catch another 5 minutes of shut-eye...

2. You're Married To Your Bed

From eating to writing, you can do everything while laying in your bed. But at the same time, your relationship with your bed is not a healthy one. You love it but the idea of making your bed just makes you want to run away and that's probably why you've been using the same bed sheet for weeks!

3. Let's Do This Tomorrow?

Work isn't the only thing you procrastinate on. You also postpone (read cancel) plans which require you to get out of bed. You're more than happy to stay home and watch netflix. 

4. What About The Dishes?

We've already established that you can do everything in bed, including eating. But dishes are the one thing you cannot, or rather, hate doing. You can eat right out of a pan if that means there'll be one less dish to wash. And that's not all. You'll happily leave the plate on the bedside table after you're done eating because getting up and keeping it back in the kitchen is such a task!

5. I Have Plans After Work

While everyone else is looking forward to drinks or a date after work, all you can think of is your bed! The only thing that keeps you going all day is the thought of getting home to your comfy bed.

6. You Got No Control

Let's face it, the TV remote has all the power. Once you've settled in, there's no going back even if the remote is far away from you. So, instead of getting the remote you just let it decide what you're going to watch until someone walks into the room.

7. Workout? What's That?

The idea of exercising to de-stress is beyond you. But you're pretty flexible thanks to all the stretching that you do when you need to reach out and get something. And when something is not in your range of reach, you do your best to not stretch to a point where you might fall. Who's going to pick you up from the floor? Not you for sure.

8. Stairs vs Elevator

We all know who's going to win that one. No chance you're climbing the stairs even if it's just one floor!

9. I Need 5

When people ask for a five-minute break, they mean it but when you ask for it, everyone knows it's going to be at least an hour-long one! 

Well, if you skipped a few points while reading this story,'re one of us! And hey, there’s no shame in being lazy. 

Feature Image: Freepik