Is Something Burning? 7 Things You'll Relate To If You're An Amateur In The Kitchen

Is Something Burning? 7 Things You'll Relate To If You're An Amateur In The Kitchen

I'm not very proud to admit that until a few years ago, I did not know how to cook. I was completely dependent on what my mom cooked for me, mess ka khana when I was in a hostel and random food delivery apps. But, all of that changed when I shifted to my new flat and realised that if I have to survive on my own, then I have no other option but to learn cooking. Yep, knowing how to cook is a life skill that you truly cannot do without. And, I'm sure that if you had any doubt regarding that, then the current pandemic situation must have cleared it for you.

So, after watching too many cooking tutorials and surviving epic kitchen fails, I can safely say that *drumrolls* I can cook now! TBH, it's quite a big deal when you learn an amazing skill from scratch and become really good at it. But that doesn't change the fact that the struggle to learn cooking is real AF!

7 Things That Happen To You When You're An Amateur In The Kitchen

If you don't know how to cook or identify dals as yellow, black and green, we are sure you will find these instances quite relatable.

Okay, How Do I Switch On The Stove?

So, the first time you enter the kitchen with the intention to cook, you find a piece of high-tech equipment right in front of you. Yeah... that's just a good ol' fashioned cooking stove. NGL, that thing looks more dangerous than anything else when you've no experience in the kitchen at all. In fact, you may find that lighting up the burner is the scariest thing ever.

Is Something Burning?

Let's get this straight—the first rule of cooking is that you are bound to burn something. Or a lot of things, as a matter of fact. You may forget to reduce the flame or switch it off on time. Seriously, cooking is not an easy task. So it's completely okay if you mess up a few times. You're not on Masterchef after all!

Beware, Nonstick Cookware Is Sensitive

Are you even an amateur in the kitchen if you have not ruined multiple nonstick utensils? From using metallic spatulas to cleaning with abrasive pads, we have committed all kinds of crimes when it comes to nonstick cookware.

Damn Those Painful Cuts!

Cutting your own fingers while chopping can happen to anyone if they're not careful. Yep, even to the ones who have years of cooking experience. And damn those cuts are painful! Remember when we said that cooking is not an easy task? Well, it can get dangerous if you aren't attentive.

Mumma Is It Cooked?

Another basic rule of the kitchen is that you will always stay an amateur in front of your mother. Honestly, moms do know the best and that's why we immediately video call her whenever we are cooking a meal for the first time. 

Let's Just Make Some Maggi

There's a reason why almost everyone loves Maggi. It's the first comfort food that comes to your mind when you have messed up the entire recipe. Seriously, god bless the person who invented Maggi!

First Edible Meal By Yours Truly!

And, the first-ever meal that you prepare perfectly is the most special meal of your life. You share its picture on Instagram and on your family WhatsApp group. It is the meal that finally declares that you are no more an amateur in the kitchen.

So guys, how many of these have you experienced?

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