Beta, What Does 'WTF' Mean? 8 Things That Happen When Your Parents Join Social Media

Beta, What Does 'WTF' Mean? 8 Things That Happen When Your Parents Join Social Media

Indian parents may not have the best sense of humour but when it comes to sass, no one can really beat them. Living with them, we usually suffer the brunt of their savage taunts and sometimes unreasonable rules (read curfew). TBH, we've got our parents breathing down our necks about everything, from our grades to our messy rooms to the ripped jeans--and social media is the one place we don't have to put up with them! Or so we thought!

It seems like most of our parents have found their way to Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter. As if the daily struggle wasn't enough, our desi parents are now taking over social media and it's absolutely chaotic. Apart from leaving us red-faced with their lowkey embarrassing posts and comments, our parents now have access to all the information we did not want them to know. From when you lied about extra classes and went out on a date with Rohan to that time when you went out drinking, they already know it all. And the world has witnessed the drama! 

Here are some things you'll relate to if your parents are on social media.

1. Everyone You Know Has Received A Friend/Follow Request

While you mull over accepting your parents’ friend or follow request, they've already befriended your friends. And that's not all, from your school crush to your boss, everyone has received a request from your parents #MarketingWaleMintuKiMummy!

2. BTW Beta....

Apart from asking you what BTW means (in the comments section of your recent post) your mom will make sure to remind you that you left the geyser on in the morning and that paise ped pe nahi ugte! 

3. Haha, Very Funny But Why Were You There?

They'll join in on that conversation you're having with your friend on your Lonavala wali photo. But they'll make sure to ask you why you were there when you said you're heading to college! And then the real drama will begin once you get home.

4. TMI, Mom!

As cute as they are when they learn to navigate social media, parents also have the ability to embarrass you with too much information. So, if your friends find out that you had loose-motions last night, it was definitely your mom who announced it on social media. 

5. Detective Alert

They will definitely stalk (casually...or not) on social media so, we suggest you be ready 'coz they'll definitely find out that pados ki Pinky is not your friend but your girlfriend! But at the same time, they're also really cute and annoyingly encouraging. They'll make sure to leave a cute comment on all your posts with #MeriPyaariBeti/Beta

6. #Throwback Pics Are Here

All those embarrassing childhood and school pictures that you thought you managed to bury are about to resurface. Your mummy-papa love you so much that they'll surely post a few pictures that will leave you red in the face!

7. Social Media Info

We all know that our parents believe anything and everything they get as Whatsapp forwards from Sharma ji, more than they believe their own kids. As if that wasn't bad enough, now they've got another source of information and they will make sure to share it all with you *facepalm*

8. Delete This, RN!

Yeah, it's time to get used to that. We might not care about 'log kya kahenge?' but our parents do 'coz Dolly bua is also on Instagram. So, they're going to 100% ask you to take down far too many posts and pictures. 

Well, as annoying as our parents are on social media, we love them from the bottom of our hearts. But god forbid if you don't pick up your mom's call, she will turn to Instagram to scold you....publically.