7 Ways To Tell Your Bestie That #YouAreSoBeautifull In Every Way

7 Ways To Tell Your Bestie That #YouAreSoBeautifull In Every Way

Womanhood is an amazing journey that should be celebrated every day. Max Fashion is doing exactly that by celebrating different women and the dynamic roles they play in our lives every day. Their “#YouAreSoBeautifull” initiative aims at celebrating and appreciating the phenomenal women in our life - women who are breaking the glass ceiling, transitioning from one role to another while writing down their own unique story. A woman is beautiFULL as she is, in her everyday life for what she is and this initiative conveys just that!


We love every woman in our lives and our soul-sisters aka our BFFs definitely have a special place in our hearts. Telling your besties how amazing they are sounds like an easy task, right? But, those who have tried, know that it is one of the toughest things to do! Don’t believe us? Okay, try describing your bestie in a few words. Next to impossible, right? They are our confidante, biggest cheerleaders and critics, and our support system. Not just that, they are amazing moms, inspiring boss-ladies, and a free soul who love to live life to the fullest.

They have multiple shades and they play so many different roles at once. More importantly, they do it with so much love! So, it’s time that you celebrate them. Dear bestie, #YouAreSoBeautifull! And what better way to acknowledge all that they do for you than by giving them some amazing outfits by MAX Fashion.

Here’s something for every kind of BFF that we truly cannot do without.

The Stylish Mom

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Being a mother is not an easy job but your bestie makes it look so easy. They are also the ones who give you the most genuine life advice and when it comes to fashion tips, these fashion-forward mamas know the best! Well, it’s time that she gets reminded of how beautifully she’s managing her fam as well as her life ‘coz honestly, that isn’t easy at all.

If your BFF is a super stylish mom, then a) take tips and b) gift them this oh-so-pretty MAX Fashion floral dress ASAP! It’s comfy, casual yet stylish, and goes with every occasion.

The Work Enthusiast

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This one is for the BFF who probably started working before anyone else in the group. You love her anyway because she’s the one who pushes you to give your best. If there are any work-wear tips you want, your workaholic bestie always has your back. She’s an inspiration and boss-lady and god, she’s so good at it!

This midi dress is all about confidence and style and a perfect fit for the work-enthusiast bestie of yours.

The Little Ms. Sunshine

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They are the ones you approach at 2 AM with all your problems because they will not only give you an apt suggestion but will also make you feel light and happy instantly. They are the sunshine of your group that brings the best out of every situation. This beautiFULL printed top in red by MAX Fashion is the perfect pick for all those besties who are the epitome of optimism and all things radiant.

The Desi One

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From borrowing her colourful dupattas indefinitely to obsessing over her stunning jhumkis, you love your bestie’s wardrobe for her gorgeous traditional collection. Whenever you want to add some colour or a desi touch to your OOTD, you know whom to approach-your bestie! But this time, surprise her by gifting her this beautiFULL kurti by MAX Fashion that is apt for work as well as casual outings. We bet your BFF wouldn’t see this coming!

The Self-Lover

MAX FAshion

Way before “Main apni favourite hoon!” became such a renowned dialogue, it was your bestie’s motto of life. It’s only when you start loving yourself, you can truly love everyone around you. And, you need to thank your bestie for teaching you that. She has always made it a point to take care of her mental health and motivated you to do the same. Now, it’s time that you pamper her by giving her this breezy and multi-coloured dress by MAX fashion. It’s comfy and compliments her serene vibes perfectly!

The Fitness Freak

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Admit it, the credit for you being fit and eating clean goes to your bestie who is a complete fitness freak. She’s the one who will drag you to yoga classes, pilate sessions and check on your diet. You might have thrown shade at her for exhausting you but deep down, you love her for encouraging you to stay fit.

So, it’s time you remind her that not only she’s the fittest person you know but also, so beautiFULL! Do exactly that by gifting her this super comfy athleisure set by MAX Fashion that’s highly stretchable. She’s going to love it and you!

The One Who Loves To Travel!

MAX FAshion

Planning a trip? Don’t bother because your bestie has already planned it for you. In fact, she has also decided the best place for you guys to stay as well as the entire itinerary. Why? Because travelling and visiting amazing places in the world are your BFF’s first love. But, before you begin your trip, gift her this beautiFULL floral top. It sure will make her selfies even more stunning.

Start adding these perfect MAX Fashion OOTDs to your cart because your bestie deserves all the love and pampering in the world. Tell them that #YouAreSoBeautifull with these gorgeous outfits that will remind them how much you love them.

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