#XOXO2021: 6 Celebratory Reasons For Why December Will Always Be On Our Ultimate Love List

#XOXO2021: 6 Celebratory Reasons For Why December Will Always Be On Our Ultimate Love List

Do you see and hear all things festive and fun as soon as someone says 'December'? Join the club. Be it the celebratory mood or the official month of gifting, there is much to look forward to in the last month of the year. In 2020, things may have changed from how they were done in the past but the spirit of the season remains unbridled. Read on to see all the reasons we love this month, just as you do!

New Beginnings For 2021

Considering that 2020 has been lost to COVID-19, the coming year brings with it a hope for change. With frontline and essential workers and almost every industry in the world bearing the brunt of this pandemic, we only hope that these days will soon be behind us. December, the last month of this whirlwind of a year, leaves us in anticipation of 2021 and the hopefully better things it holds for all of us collectively.  


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There is no denying the jovial mood that sets in well before Christmas and follows on till New Year's Day. This time around, things may well be indoors as much of 2020 has been, but there is much to be grateful for, especially in these precarious times. So relax in your pyjamas, connect with your loved ones over a phone call or a group video chat and celebrate safely, as one must. 


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Festive Settings For The Holidays

If you have been putting off decorating for the holidays for the eleventh hour, now would be when you look for those ideal decor must-haves to spruce up your apartment (while also uplifting your spirits)! Use the holiday season to clean it all up and better still, jazz up the setting as you prepare for the quiet festivities and prep to bring in 2021 in style. Below, some essentials that could stay long after the holidays are done and dusted. 


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(Virtual) Get Togethers

The gatherings and shindigs might be happening on a virtual note this year, but they sure are a thing to look forward to. Dress up and catch up with friends and family in a similar setup that doesn't require you to travel but gives a sense of togetherness, another thing to be grateful for and to look forward to on our December love list!

Make Up

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The Joy Of Gifting

Thanks to our favourite websites and their thoughtful and stellar gifting options, you can now spread some holiday cheer whilst staying safely indoors. In sync with the joy of gifting this festive season, give your loved ones something to remember for a long time. And right along these lines, you wouldn't want to miss the POPxo Gift Of Glamm Festival! Think contests, beauty challenges, makeup sessions with experts and also, FREE GIFTS! To begin with, go to The Great Glamm Survey to get your free gift and sign up as a MyGlammXO Insider to get exciting and exclusive beauty benefits. 

Ready to delve right in the gifting alternatives? Scroll right on!


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Pop Culture Indulgence

There is no dearth of alternatives when it comes to viewing options that you can stream during the holidays or things you could read while cozying up in bed. But in case you were looking for new-ish material to make the last month better, you will not be disappointed. Between Euphoria releasing a bonus episode, Nicole Kidman's coats in The Undoing stealing the show and the array of movies to watch, you are bound to have a busy holiday season. Not to forget, catching up on all that reading you saved for later!


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There's just no other time like December!

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