Do You Think You Are Good In Bed? Here Are 8 Signs That Will Prove You Right!

Do You Think You Are Good In Bed? Here Are 8 Signs That Will Prove You Right!

Am I good at sex? This is a question that a lot of girls ask themselves but truly never get the answer to. Being great at sex is really a skill that comes with a lot of experience (sometimes with multiple people). You get to understand what people want in bed and learn every time.

But what if you're already great in bed but don't know it yet? Don't worry, girl. We have made a list of 7 tell-tale signs that your presence is very much being enjoyed in the bedroom. 

Signs You're Great In Bed

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You ex calls you for a 'bonus night' despite having split up months ago


Ladies, if you constantly find you in a situation when your ex (love or fling) tried to get back to you every time just for that one 'bonus night, consider yourself great in bed. A lot of people tend to get stuck on someone they've had great sex with. You are probably one of them. 

Someone has told you in the middle of the act

Have you ever had someone tell you that you're great in bed while you're at it? Our brain releases a lot of endorphins during that time and the adrenaline rush makes you say what you feel in the moment. So, if someone has complimented you, you might as well believe them.  

You love sex

A simple indicator of how much you're good at it is how much you really love having it. If you are always looking for new and improvised ways to experiment in bed then you're someone who is invested in this process. This is evident enough to say that you're good. 

You know your points


You know what point to hit at in order to make you orgasm. As we said, good sex comes with experience and a thorough knowledge of your own body which makes you so great.

You're very open to trying out new things

A little kink is something that even the most vanilla individuals experiment with. But if you're a lot kinkier than that and the rate at which you experiment is more than once in a while then you're probably skilled in the bedroom department. Imagine having someone who'd fulfil your fantasies and help them try out new things in bed. It is just that simple!

You like to communicate

Remember when we said that communication is key? It makes you good in bed too. If you're someone who knows what they want and can communicate it to your partner without any hesitation, it makes you work on things you like and be better at it every day. 

You love laying emphasis on foreplay


Most people need a warm-up and foreplay is that warm-up that is absolutely necessary for a good session. If you're good in bed, you will always take some time to warm up well before the main act. You know how important it is for yourself and your partner.

You can laugh it off!

But most importantly, you know how to get past embarrassing situations in bed which says a lot about your confident self. You know your body and you know everything about sex which makes you absolutely perfect in bed.

And always remember, sex is not a competition. So do what feels good and have fun!

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