Hey Bride-To-Be, Include These Natural Ingredients In Your Skincare Routine RN!

Hey Bride-To-Be, Include These Natural Ingredients In Your Skincare Routine RN!

Big or small--planning a wedding is stressful yet magical. You’re maybe running on caffeine, having sleepless nights worrying about the arrangements, and haven’t probably eaten a nutritious meal in days. Needless to say, your face may look a little dull by the time your D-day arrives. But don’t panic! Because we've got you covered. Trust us, you can start working on that LIT-from-within bridal glow right away!

As the countdown to your shaadi approaches, you might want to see results quickly. But don't hoard on products or don't opt for chemical-heavy treatments. Instead of torturing your skin with harmful chemicals for quick results, indulge in some pampering with natural ingredients straight out of your kitchen. Not only are they harmless and easy to use, but they are effective too. 

10 Skin-Loving Ingredients

Take your wedding date as your deadline and make your move. ‘Coz who doesn’t want to look their best on their big day!? Wedding photos last forever, need we remind you? ;)

Reach For Turmeric


At desi weddings, smearing turmeric or haldi, on the groom and bride’s skin is traditionally considered to be a ‘beautifying’ ritual. And that’s because there’s really nothing quite like turmeric. With its anti-inflammatory properties, it keeps acne and dark circles at bay. It’s brightening and gentle exfoliating qualities will leave you with a healthy glow.

Add Honey To Your Skincare Routine

You might love adding a few drops of honey to a hot cup of tea, but did you know that honey has some amazing skincare benefits too!? It is a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient and it helps soothe acne and dermatitis. 

Because Avocados Are The Best!

Apart from being a tasty snack, avocados are rich in fatty acids, antioxidants and Vitamin C and E. They keep your skin moisturised and also help in maintaining its elasticity.

Get Your Daily Dose Of Oatmeal


Besides healthy weight loss, oatmeal is an excellent ingredient that helps you get radiant skin. It helps in removing excess oil from your face and prevents acne, and oatmeal scrubs work like magic when it comes to exfoliating your skin.

Aloe Vera Always Works

Aloe vera is one magic ingredient that is present in various beauty products for its umpteen skin benefits. 

Caffeine For Beauty?

A cup of coffee does more than something keeping you awake. Coffee beans are enriched with antioxidants, enhance blood circulation and reduce pigmentation. Need we say more?

Try Potatoes


Loaded with Vitamins C, A, and phosphorous, potatoes help reduce dark spots, wrinkles and blemishes, and also keep your skin moisturised.

Say Bye To Dull Skin With Gram Flour

Gram flour (besan) works amazingly on your skin and helps you to deep cleanse and exfoliate your skin. With its antimicrobial properties, it helps remove dirt and toxins from your skin. 

Cucumber To The Rescue!

The superfood that cucumber is, it helps reduce eye puffiness and dark circles. A natural toner, cucumber rejuvenates your skin like no other, especially during summer. Rich-water content in this vegetable also keeps your skin flushed and hydrated. And hydrated skin = happy, glowing face, right!?

A Slice Of Papaya Is All You Need

As good as this ‘Fruit of the Angels’ is for your digestion, it’s an even better exfoliator for your skin. In the run-up to your wedding, you must include papaya in your diet as well as your skincare routine to get that clear, glowing skin. It is also beneficial in treating uneven skin tone and pigments. 

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Now that you know about all the amazing skincare ingredients you can get from your kitchen, here are some easy-peasy DIY face packs you can begin your skincare routine with. 

5 DIY Face Packs To Get Your Beauty Regime Started!

Brides-to-be, take notes!

Almond & Oatmeal Face Pack


- 3 almonds 

- 2 tablespoons of milk 

- 1 tablespoon of oatmeal 


Crush the almonds and add them to milk. Add oatmeal to the mixture and mix it properly. Apply the pack on your face and rinse it after 15 minutes. It suits all skin types and is best for de-tanning and skin brightening. 

Yoghurt & Turmeric Face Pack


- 1 teaspoon of multani mitti 

- Rosewater 

- 2 teaspoons of yoghurt 

- A pinch of turmeric powder 


Mix all ingredients together to form a smooth paste and apply it all over your face. Keep it on for 15 minutes and rinse it off with water. This face pack is your best bet if you have oily skin and you should apply it once a week consistently for great results. 

Gram Flour & Turmeric Face Pack


- 2 teaspoons of sandalwood powder 

- 2 teaspoons of gram flour 

- 1 teaspoon of milk 

- A pinch of turmeric powder


Mix all the ingredients and form a paste. Apply it evenly on your face and wash it with lukewarm water after it dries. Pat your skin dry. This one will work wonders for the brides who are looking to reduce acne. 

Cucumber & Honey Face Pack


- Half cucumber (peeled)

- 2 tablespoons of milk 

- 2 tablespoons of honey 


Blend all the ingredients together. Apply the face pack generously on your face and leave it for 15 minutes. Rinse it off with water. Cucumber and honey pack helps you cleanse your skin.

Papaya & Mint Face Pack


- Half cup of mashed papaya 

- Four tablespoons of mint leaves paste 

- 1 Tablespoon of honey 


Mix all the ingredients to make a paste and apply it on your face. Leave it on for 15 minutes. If you’re a bride-to-be, who is looking for a basic natural cleanup for your skin, this homemade face pack will work like magic for you. 

So ladies, which one are you going to try first?

Featured Image: Instagram/Tamanna Rooz