Wow, That's A Lot Of Zeroes: 10 Of The Most Expensive Engagement Rings In The World

Wow, That's A Lot Of Zeroes: 10 Of The Most Expensive Engagement Rings In The World

Marriage is a beautiful institution and everyone celebrates it wholeheartedly. Some have magnificent weddings with their friends and family while others choose to take a holiday for just the two of them. There are of course others, who do it bigger and better than all of us. 

They say a diamond is a girl's best friend and here are the celebrities who own the fanciest and most expensive engagement rings in the world. Now saying that they are expensive is an understatement, these rings are EXPENSIVE.

The Ten Most Expensive Engagement Rings Of The World:

Guys, just a disclaimer, the list starts at 3 million dollars so you can imagine how high it goes. 

Melania Trump


Melania Trump has the tenth most expensive ring in the world and it costs 3 million dollars. It's a 25-carat emerald cut diamond engagement ring. Obviously, it looks gorgeous and catches the eye instantly. Guess, being the First Lady of America has its perks.

Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's love affair was made in music heaven. He proposed to her in 2004 and sure as hell did it in style. The singer-songwriter and actress received a rare blue 8.5-carat diamond ring from Marc which was approximately valued at 4.5 million dollars. Unfortunately, they broke off their marriage later on but the ring either remained or increased in value due to it being linked to Lopez.

Grace Kelly


It was the year 1995, Prince Rainer III of Monaco proposed to Grace Kelly with a humongous ring by Cartier which was a 10.47-carat emerald cut diamond ring. *gasps* The ring has received a whole lot of public attention because of it being a gorgeous piece in itself and also representing a historic moment. So guys, if you have 4.6 million dollars to spare then this is the inspiration you should be taking.

Paris Hilton

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Next on the list, we have Paris Hilton's engagement ring given to her by her ex-fiancé, Paris Latsis. It costs 4.7 million dollars and is a 24-carat canary diamond ring. The ring was later auctioned to help provide aid for victims of Hurricane Katrina because the couple decided to not go through with the wedding.  



Hollywood's power couple Jay Z and Beyoncé, of course, have crowns on their heads. He proposed to her with an eighteen-carat emerald cut flawless centre diamond which was set on a split shank band. The platinum band also contains micro pavé diamonds and was designed by Lorraine Schwartz. The ring is classy, striking and beautiful.

Anna Kournikova


Anna Kournikova, the former tennis star received a gorgeous champagne and cognac eleven-carat pear-shaped diamond given to her by her husband Enrique Iglesias. It cost the Hero singer a huge sum of 5.4 million dollars and has obviously been a major topic of conversation!

Kim Kardashian West

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We're pretty sure everyone knew Kim Kardashian West would feature on this list because Kim K likes only the best of the best. Kanye proposed to her with a fifteen-carat D color, flawless cushion cut diamond designed by Lorraine Schwartz. It's a solitaire on a thin platinum band with micro-pavé diamonds costing eight million dollars. Yup. 

Elizabeth Taylor

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The third most expensive engagement ring in the world is Elizabeth Taylor’s engagement ring. She held the title for the largest and most expensive celebrity engagement ring of all time for several decades. It's a 33-carat Asscher cut Krupp Diamond, set in platinum which was given to her by Richard Burton worth 8.8 million dollars. *internally dying* 

Blue Diamond by Bvlgari

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The second most expensive engagement ring is this stunning example of a truly unique engagement ring by Bvlgari. The 5.4 blue carat diamond ring was purchased by Graff diamonds and once held the title of the world's most expensive engagement ring. The cost is 9.5 million dollars and it's a piece of art. 

Mariah Carey

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Guys THE most expensive engagement ring is Mariah Carey's worth 10 million dollars given to her by her ex-fiancé and businessman, James Packer. The emerald-cut diamond ring is a whopping 35-carats and has two delicate tapered baguette diamonds. The ring is set in solid platinum. Magnificent, ain't it?

Well, I don't know about you but I felt poor and single after writing this. *goes to the bathroom to sob* 

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