#Pawwdorable: 20 Pictures Of Baby Animals That'll Fill Your Heart With Love And Joy

#Pawwdorable: 20 Pictures Of Baby Animals That'll Fill Your Heart With Love And Joy

If there was a job somewhere that required sharing and double-tapping images and videos of animals all day long, guess who'd be a millionaire by now?

All jokes aside, animals bring me so much joy. I really love each and every type of pet. Whether it's a stray or somebody's pet, you'll always catch me petting, loving and feeding them!

Tiny Animals That Can Kill You With Their Cuteness

Being a pet owner myself (I had the world's most adorable guinea pigs), I am always inclined towards animals, especially teeny tiny ones! And here's a HUGE dose of cuteness that will keep you smiling throughout the week!

This Guinea Pig Who Just Wants To Snooze And Chill

This guinea pig is a mood. He just wants to sleep, sleep, sleep and repeat! How cute is this furry li'l munchkin? I just wanna gobble him up!

Massive Love For These Birds

How lovable are these tiny, two birdies? Don't you just wanna cuddle and play with them all day long? I know I want to!

Teeny Weeney Mousie

Ever since I was a kid, I knew that I wanted a pet mouse. I mean, how adorable is that little, tiny face of his? I wanna kiss it non-stop!

Piggy Love

Baby pigs are so awwdorable that I. Can't. Even! Look at this little blob of sunshine. I just wanna go through the screen and boop his nose about a 1000000 times.

Just A Hamster In A Hoodie, No Biggie

*screams awww at the top of my voice*

Look at it. Just freaking look at this tiny piece of perfection. I just wanna squeeze him, snuggle him and keep in in my pocket (no, not really) at all times.

How Cow-dorable Is This Furry baby?

Every animal is the cutest thing ever and baby cows are no exception, although, in India, we rarely get to witness such cows (perhaps in the hilly areas), still, we cannot scroll past it without controlling our urge to pet this lil baby!

Ferret Love

I have never seen a ferret in my entire life but I know that if I find one, I will pet it persistently. And since they are known for asking to be pet non-stop, I think I know what's the next pet I'm gonna get.

Seal It With A Big Boop

Imagine sailing on a yacht and this little baby comes for a visit. Best trip ever? 

(sshhh...baby seals are just doggos of the sea world!)


Yes, I Would Like To Order A Large Cup Of Puppychino Please!

Look at those eyes. They are ready to see the world and feel all the love around them. Do you want to pet him? I know you do!

11/10 a gud boi!

Baby Giraffe Just Wants Attention

Who knew baby giraffe can be oh-so-cute?! Can I spend an entire day feeding this little bub? I'll quit my job for this! (Sorry, boss!)

This Hedgehog Is Rooting For You

This hedgehog is cheering for you as he believes that you can do anything in your life!

Look at this face (ahhhhh!)

Baby Corgi Got Big Buns

This 'huge' Instagram star is famous for its buns and of course, for being super adorable! I mean, isn't it time everyone in this world gets a free corgi puppy?

Make Room For A Baby Kangaroo

A baby Kangaroo just wants to snuggle and sleep. Baby Kangaroo is adorable AF. Baby Kangaroo is me!


Who knew baby turtles are so freaking cute?! Look at that face, that tiny shell, those feet!

Oh, my! My heart just exploded.

Baby Horsieeeee!

Horses are known to be beautiful, majestic beasts but their mini versions are totally huggable. Agree?

So Ducking Cute!

Quiz of the day - what's cuter, those webbed feet or that nose? Everything, we say!

I'll Take 'Em All, Thanks

I cannot take this!

Imagine being stuck in a room with these furry babies for the rest of your life. Sign me up, please.

Hoot Hoot, I'm So Cute

This is so tiny that I fear I might lose it somehow. How much to pet him? Can I keep him...asking for a friend!

This Hamster With A Cola Bottle

'Coz one wasn't enough on this list! Don't you wanna just keep looking at it all day long?

This Kitten Is Guilty Of Stealing Everyone's Heart

Cat people, rejoice!

This little fluffball is snuggle-ready and I wanna shower it with a million small pecks, right now!

Do you have happy tears in your eyes RN? Or perhaps a sudden urge to get up and pet all the furries around?

Featured Image: Instagram

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