Dear Girl, Here’s A Powerful Poem To Make You Believe That There’s So Much More To You

Dear Girl, Here’s A Powerful Poem To Make You Believe That There’s So Much More To You

Sometimes, when you feel down and low, you turn to things that motivate you. It may be your best friend, your parent, a spouse or just anyone else you look up to or look to for comfort. But, there are those rare times when you don’t know you need to hear something but then a quote or a few lines, in a book or on social media just suddenly comfort you. Being a writer, I have always gravitated towards quotes that have the power to change the way I think or feel. When words touch you like nothing else can, that as a writer is my favourite moment.

We’re often told what to feel. Calm down when things go wrong, be strong when tough situations come our way or be quiet when our opinion is not a popular one. Your identity is not exclusive to or limited to the way you react to situations or behave in a particular situation. More so, your identity cannot be determined by the people. You make your own identity and you make your own rules. You evolve with time and your identity hones itself around the person you become. So, the next time you feel down and low, read this inspirational poem. This will definitely make a difference, I promise!

Here%E2%80%99s A Powerful Poem To Make You Believe That There%E2%80%99s SO Much More To You


It’s meant to define the person you are.

To yourself. To the world around you.

The quiet one. The bold one.

The temperamental,



Or vulnerable one.

The truth is, “identity” doesn’t mean one thing.

It means all of these things.

You are not confined to one definition of yourself.

You are not beholden to who people believe you to be.

Your identity

Is yours to make.


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