Jugaad, Bhasad & 11 Other Hindi Words & the English to these Hindi Words

English meaning of hindi word

Indians are known for our own set of peculiar words that are a part of our daily vocabulary. Remember that angrez friend who constantly asks you to translate your sentence? Well, usually, I am that angrez friend, so I took it upon myself to figure out the english meaning of Hindi words I hear way too often.

1. Ghanta

English Meaning of Hindi Words (Translation): Nothing

Ghanta Meaning: Originally, the term ghanta means either a bell or an hour. But the slang term loosely translates to doing absolutely nothing. I mean, what are we really doing with our lives? Ghanta.

english meaning of hindi words - Ghanta

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2. Bhasad

English to Hindi Word (Translation): An Illogical Act

Bhasad Meaning: Usually related to childish pranks and utter folly, the term comes into play out of frustration. Kya bhasad macha rakhi hai?

english to hindi words - Bhasad

3. Jhand

English to Hindi Word (Translation): F***ed up

Jhand Meaning: There is nothing in the Hindi vocabulary that defines the messed up the emotional state of your being better than this term. Life jhand hai = an upcoming existential crisis. Am I ready for it? Absolutely not!

english meaning of hindi words - Jhand

4. Hing / Heeng

English Meaning of Hindi Words (Translation): Asafoetida

Hing Meaning: A powerful spice used in almost every Indian dish, Asafoetida is actually a gum that is extracted from the roots and stem of the Ferula species but is commonly sold in the powder form. So, don’t be surprised if you find this term in random recipes and can’t figure out what it means!

english to hindi words - Hing

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5. Gulchare

English to Hindi Word (Translation): Shameful Fun

Gulchare Meaning: Not a 100% legit translation but you get the point. A derogatory term used to define a woman who has fun on her own terms (in her love life in most cases because she’s a grown-ass lady).

english meaning of hindi words - Gulchare

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6. Bakchodi

English Meaning of Hindi Words (Translation): Gossip and Baseless Conversations

Bakchodi Meaning: Bakchodi mat kar! (STFU) Usually used to shut down your one friend who doesn’t understand the concept of an intelligent conversation. 

english meaning of hindi words - Backchodi

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7. Makhana

English to Hindi Words (Translation): Fox Nut / Euryale Ferox

Makhana Meaning: That yummy & healthy substitute for popcorn and chips. Very popular during fasts and often munched on roasted or fried during winters. Friendships have ended over this delicious snack.

english to hindi words - Makhaana

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8. Jugaad

English Meaning of Hindi Words (Translation): Low-Cost Solution

Jugaad Meaning: We all have that one friend who has an elaborate but cost-effective solution to any problem. Be it finding a place to eat or getting you into a club, he/she is the ultimate jugaadu.

english meaning of hindi words - Jugaad

9. Chichhora

English to Hindi Words (Translation): Foppish

Chichhora Meaning: Though Google translates this hindi term in english as Floopish - someone who is excessively obsessed with his appearance, the local slang does have a more perversive take on the word (Basically, Varun Dhawan’s character from Main Tera Hero).

Chichora meaning in english

10. Jhakaas

English Meaning of Hindi Words (Translation): fantastic

Jhakaas Meaning: Jhakaas is a Marathi word which made it to our everyday lingo. Remember, how the catchphrase “smokin’!” was replaced by jhakaas in the Hindi dubbed version of the movie, The Mask (1994). Hey girl, I just bought a jhakaas watch! (Isn’t this word just so cool!)

Jhakaas meaning in english

11. Yaar

English Meaning of Hindi Words (Translation): a friendly form of address

Yaar Meaning: There are so many words equivalent to a friend like “mate”, “dude” or “bro” but yaar has to be the most prevalent of them all. We can’t imagine talking to our friends without using the word yaar (just adds a personal touch). Additionally, arre yaar is also used to express anguish, while abey yaar conveys annoyance. 

english meaning of hindi word yaar

GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy.